Happy {almost} Halloween…..

For the last few years, I’ve been the designated ‘Halloween photographer’ for our grandsons.
Setting up a little fall backdrop and snapping pics of them in their cute costumes.
Like this one from 2012.

Halloween 2012

This past year, my daughter has been going to a professional photographer for her family photos and portraits.
(Not that I haven’t been taking a bazillion pics also…try stopping me)
But as the ‘official’ Halloween cutesy pics this year, were taken by her photographer,
and with no pressure on me to provide ‘what’s expected’, I decided to go a different route.
Bye bye cute little Elmo, hello Spooky!
Not that I have anything against Elmo personally, but he really should stick with his buddies in Sesame street and leave Halloween to the big boys 😉

So I had these ideas floating around in my head. I knew what I wanted to do, whether or not I could bring them to life was another matter.
( no puns intended there..)

So instead of taking pics around the farm, we headed off to an old historic church, and graveyard.

I threw out the ideas I had to my daughter, floating zombies, ghosts etc. She suggested trying to get a shot of her ‘coming out of a grave’. Brilliant idea!!….I had no idea how I was going to achieve that, but I promised to give it a try.
I like how it turned out.


Now you can’t take spooky graveyard pics without capturing a good old fashioned ‘real’ ghost! Right?
Bug had fun playing ‘ghostie’ and really hammed it up for the camera 🙂


We got little guy out of his stroller for a quick ‘zombie ghost family pic’.

By the way he does not like spooky. And I mean. AT. ALL.


(For anyone who might think this was in any way disrespectful, I can assure you, at no point did any of us step on graves or mess with the headstones. You can see in the photos, everyone was placed either at the side, or rear of the actual grave)

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