Getting my craft on…..

 It’s been almost two months since my 3 year old grandson, Bug, suffered a massive Ischemic stroke.
As the medical bills started mounting up, I decided to get my craft on, and make a few little things for my daughter to take to her church for a little fundraiser.

A quick search on Pinterest and I had some project ideas.

I started with some notecards, I’d received an email from Shutterfly, offering a set of 12 cards for free.
Who was I to turn that down!
I chose one of the photos I’d taken this past Spring, added a scripture verse and voila!
They turned out really good. I’d never seen one of my nature photographs in print before.
I loved them.

(Little known fact here. As much as I LOVE taking photographs, I rarely, if ever, print them…..that’s something I’m planning on changing now)

With Christmas just around the corner, I got to work on some holiday themed crafts…

snow(wo)manNoelnat2Joynat1Inspiration for these crafts came from Pinterest.
Tutorials for the Snowmen and Nativity ornaments can be found here and here

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