Walking in a Winter Wonderland…..

Wait. What!!!??
It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!

I’m starting to think the seasons are being controlled by the retailers.
I mean you know how they are. The second one holiday is out of the way, they start promoting the next?
Valentine’s cards and gifts go on sale the second Christmas is over?
And seasonal items? forget them!! Summer clothes and bathing suits on the racks in January…Winter coats on racks in July.
What is with that?

But now…my lovely, clearly defined Pennsylvania seasons?
We hardly even had what you’d call a summer this year…well not pool worthy, anyway, and now it seems like Autumn only lasted for like a second šŸ˜¦

Two days ago, it was 60+ degreesĀ and sunny…
fall leaves
winter wonderland
snow1Pic-3-2 copy

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