Do you wanna build a snowman?….

Ok, so our barn cats can’t actually build snowmen, but I swear one of them would if he could.

Thanksgiving morning, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful scenery, and went out to snap a few photos.
As usual, I had my two little ‘shadows’ following my every move.
All of a sudden, one of the cats decided he wanted to play. More to the point, he wanted his sister to play. Which reminded me so much of the movie Frozen, and Anna’s attempt to get Elsa to come ‘build a snowman’.
And Blaize (our female cat) like Elsa, wanted no part of it.

Here he is trying to get her attention..

When it was apparent that she didn’t want to play, he decided to go have some fun alone.


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8 Responses to Do you wanna build a snowman?….

  1. Tracey says:

    Ha! that’s probably because you have house cats, and they get spoiled. These little ones are feral (ish) and crave the attention.


  2. Kathy Samuel says:

    Great action shots! I’ve never seen cats who actually like the snow before!


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