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It’s all about personal taste…..

I ventured out of my comfort zone this holiday season. Instead of just taking photos of family and close friends, I agreed to take photos of acquaintances and even strangers. I’d heard that it had been some years since some have had … Continue reading

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The Most Perfect Picture Ever…..

To you, the viewer, it may be far from perfect. You may see many flaws. I might not have gotten the camera settings right, the lighting might be off, the editing might be a little over done, or not enough. But … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like …..

With the pre Thanksgiving snowfall and what seems like everyone I know decorating for the holiday super early this year, I seem to have caught a mega dose of <insert name of holiday> spirit. So before any of my Facebook friends … Continue reading

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To Quote – Ansel Adams


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