It’s beginning to look a lot like …..

With the pre Thanksgiving snowfall and what seems like everyone I know decorating for the holiday super early this year, I seem to have caught a mega dose of <insert name of holiday> spirit.

So before any of my Facebook friends go a throw a wrench in the works (which they do every year) with the ‘I hate when people say Happy Holidays…It’s Merry Christmas…get it right!’ kind of posts….
(I love you guys, but it’s really annoying)
I’m running over here to post my “Happywhateveryoucelebrateatthistimeofyear” card! 🙂

I personally celebrate Christmas, and I love all that goes along with the holiday.
But I realize that not everyone does, and I’m totally OK with that.
And why shouldn’t I be? After all, Christmas was yet another holiday that the church ‘borrowed’ from someone else.
So everyone should have the freedom to celebrate whatever they please and ‘Happy Holidays’ is a perfectly appropriate greeting to spread the holiday cheer to everyone without ramming your own personal preference down anothers throat.
(oops, sounding kind of preachy ranty there…but you get my drift.)

I also love that some of my grandchildren believe in Santa, and I will be joining a couple of them for a ride on the Polar Express, (super excited about that) and hubby will even be playing Santa for their Christmas photos this year.
(I hope he’s a happy Santa and not an old grumpy pants, when I start directing him where to stand, how to pose etc.)

So, in the spirit of the season….and with inspiration from Pinterest
(a naughty little site, that has the intent of having everyone submerged in twenty thousand projects at a time)
I wish you all, a wonderful and happy holiday…however you choose to celebrate it 🙂

(and just incase you notice….my virtual tree is just like my real one…it’s leaning 😉 )
Holidays 2014_fitcp

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2 Responses to It’s beginning to look a lot like …..

  1. love your post- I’m with you on that! And great photo of the virtual leaning tree!!


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