The Most Perfect Picture Ever…..

To you, the viewer, it may be far from perfect.
You may see many flaws.
I might not have gotten the camera settings right, the lighting might be off, the editing might be a little over done, or not enough.
But to me….this is THE most perfect picture ever…

This weekend, I did a mini Christmas photoshoot with three of our grandsons.
Of all the photo’s taken, and there was quite a few, (some that may pop up in later posts) this was hands down my favorite.
This sweet and tender moment between a Grandfather and his grandson.
Of course to Bug, this guy with the red suit and white beard was Santa Claus, not Grandpoppy.
And after Santa had left, Bug couldn’t wait to tell his Grandpoppy all about his visit, and the gift that he had given him.
(heart melting moment)

But the reason this is the most perfect picture ever is that it was able to be taken.
As some of you may have read, Bug suffered a massive stroke 3 months ago.
He suffered a second, much lesser one,  just a week ago.

And the fact that he is here with us, and that he is still filled with love, joy and wonder is such a perfect blessing.
vintage santa&Bug

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