It’s all about personal taste…..

I ventured out of my comfort zone this holiday season.
Instead of just taking photos of family and close friends, I agreed to take photos of acquaintances and even strangers.

I’d heard that it had been some years since some have had their photos taken professionally (although I am NOT a professional photographer) so I thought, ‘you know,why not!’

I totally fell in love with one of the shots.
And so far, no one else shares the same opinion.
Either they don’t like the solemness of it, or they don’t like the black and white.
But me….well, I love it….

And for those of you who, like me, happen to love black and white photography…here’s another of my favorite shots from this Christmas 🙂

12-20-14 B&W-1-2


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2 Responses to It’s all about personal taste…..

  1. Both of these are stunning portraits- the light from the tree in the last is wonderful!! All the best in the New Year Tracy!


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