Pre-Valentines and Thank You Annie Leibovitz!!

The idea of todays photo started with a conversation I had with my daughter about kids skinny jeans.
How they fit so well, you can’t tell they are wearing diapers etc.
And just like me, my daughter’s mind switches from one thing to another in an instant, and she soon turned the subject of great fitting jeans for kids, into jeans for men and then into the topic of Bruce Springsteen’s butt shot on the album cover of Born In The USA.
And what a great butt shot that was I might add! my early 20’s was made all the better for it…thank you Annie Leibovitz 😉
So for fun, we decided it would make a cute and quirky Valentine photo, and went about recreating it in our own way.
Although it almost didn’t happen.
The stripes on the ‘flag’ were originally going to be a mass of red hearts, but unfortunately the red paper I bought turned out to be dark pink when I opened up the pack…YUK KEY!
After a little lot of anguishing, I decided to cut white stripes out of paper, and tape them to the man cave wall, which just happens to be dark red.
(yay for our choice of wall color..and why didn’t I think of that in the first place!?)

Then came the ball cap. Hubs had a few red ones, but they were way too big for such a small pocket.
I remembered a bandana that Marlboro tobacco company recently sent me….a plain dark red (and not so nice) piece of fabric…perfect!!! So I set about making an appropriately sized ball cap looking thingamajig!
In the end, everything came together and we got the pic!

A Future Boss!!!?

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