A stroll by the lake….

It’s been a pretty nice couple of days here.
Yesterday we got to watch one of our grandsons play his first baseball game of the season.
More to the point, I got to watch it through the viewfinder of a camera…shocker!!!

And today, we decided to run out to the lake and see what was photo worthy.
Apparently the swans and geese aren’t around in April….who knew?
I guess a google search might have come up with that info, but unfortunately, I didn’t think of that before we left.
So…nothing on the water, no fishing boats, no wildlife…nada!
No birds on land, none of the usual squirrels…we were right out of luck.

But, I refused to come home empty handed.
If all there was to be seen was water trees and clouds, then water, trees and clouds it would be.

Lake side
in the woods

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3 Responses to A stroll by the lake….

  1. now this is inspiring!! beautiful Tracey!!


    • Tracey says:

      Awww, thank you Cybele, that means a lot 🙂
      I was just talking about your photography style today with my hubby.
      I was trying to describe it, so I referred to the tree photo here and said, ‘If Cybele had been there to take that photo, instead of seeing trees at the end of trees, she would make it seem like a doorway to a magical world…by moonlight’
      Your work is amazing….thank you for sharing it with us all 🙂

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