To Quote – Oscar Wilde & A Vintage Find!

Oscar Wilde quote

I’ve been on a bit of a vintage kick just recently.

It all started with the discovery of chalk paint!
I know, I’m a bit late in the game on that one, but at least I got there in the end.

I’m in love with the stuff.
I’m sure my hubs was happy I only got small pots to try out, or I swear I’d’ve painted everything in sight that first week.

But as usual (with me) one thing led to another and I was dreaming ‘all things vintage’.
Now as luck has it, it hasn’t cost hubby a dime. (minus paint)
I discovered lots of vintage items around our own home…in the basement and the garage.

The latest discovery happened a few days ago, after we purchased a few plants.
I hadn’t realized I’d chosen annuals, and that living in Pennsylvania, with harsh Winters and frosty Springs, meant these guys would spend most of the year indoors.
So I started searching for cute planters to put them in.

I mentioned to hubs that I would have to pick up a small watering can next time we were shopping.
‘We have a watering can’, he says.
We do???
And what does he dig out of his garage stash, but this awesome galvanized vintage watering can!
It made the PERFECT planter for the Spanish Heather I just got!
So ok yeah, we still need a watering can to use as a watering can, but that’s fine, we saved on a planter 😉

Vintage watering can-1
Spanish Heather Vintage planter

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5 Responses to To Quote – Oscar Wilde & A Vintage Find!

  1. it is a great planter and such pretty photos!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kathy Samuel says:

    I’m even later in the game than you. What is chalk paint!!??
    p.s. I’d like a watering can like that too!


    • Tracey says:

      Chalk paint is an ultra matte paint that can be applied to almost anything, glass, metal wood etc, and the surface needs virtually no prepping whatsoever.
      I believe it was created over 20 years ago (yup that’s how far behind we are) by Annie Sloane, who, by the way is English and now lives (or has a home) in France 😉
      It’s easy to apply and dries super fast, like in minutes. Then you seal the project with wax, or poly.
      I’ve used it on metal, wood, glass and ceramics and this stuff really sticks! 🙂


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