C M Ducks!!?

Last week hubs and I decided to take a road trip. So off we went to visit family in Indiana. Now me, the first place title holder for ‘world’s worst traveller’, was looking forward to actually being there, just not the getting there.



Fortunately, it wasn’t even half as bad as I had imagined. (That’s if we forget about the hysterics I had over traffic around Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, In) Even more fortunate, (excuse my grammar) was the great photo ops I had while we were there, grandchildren’s ball games, dance class, a visit to the local zoo and these ducks at the park.

Obviously used to people being around, they literally let me walk right up to them. It doesn’t get much better than that!

There were three or four Mallard ‘couples’ hanging out by the lake. I walked within a few feet of one couple before they got a little concerned about my presence. When the female stood up and looked at me, it was only then I realized she had babies. I felt pretty bad that I had disturbed her, but not too bad that I didn’t jump at the chance to photograph them. I took a few steps back, but she decided she wasn’t taking any chances, so off she, and they, went for a swim. I think she even gave me a little ‘wave’ goodbye 😉

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2 Responses to C M Ducks!!?

  1. LOL! We’ve got one of those nesting by the pool.

    Remains to be seen whether the babes, when they hatch, will survive. They drown in swimming pools, because they’re too little to get out over the coping. I’ve built a ramp and will install several more whenever it stops raining. But it’s anyone’s guess whether they can figure out what those things are for.

    The male is very striking. But isn’t the female pretty, too, with those blue blazes on her wings?

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    • Tracey says:

      I hope the adults get the idea of the ramps and then teach the babies They do seem very protective as parents. Fingers crossed!!
      I love the colors of the Mallard drakes, always have. But didn’t realize until seeing these ducks, that the hen even had any color on her but the brown. She really surprised me. 🙂


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