There’s A Whole New World Out There!

A few months ago I joined a photography group hoping to learn more about portrait photography, mainly studio lighting.
What I never imagined would happen, is that it would stir up in me a passion for wildlife photography.
There I was, with my photos of people and flowers and bugs, and there they were, with their amazing photos of birds and animals.
The more photos I saw, the more I realized I wanted needed to try this.
So 2 weeks ago, hubby treated me to a new lens,
the Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD
It’s a beast of a lens and took me a while to get used to the weight of it, but I LOVE it!

Next, we bought a bird feeder…You gotta attract the birds IF you plan on photographing them, right?
I kid you not, I must’ve looked out at thing every 10 minutes for two days straight.
I thought the birds would never come. Then one morning a sparrow appeared. I was so happy….ok, just a sparrow, but it was thee cutest, most adorable sparrow ever.
photo-1-9For almost a week, I would photograph the little birds from the house. I didn’t want to scare them away before they got used to the feeder. It wasn’t long before other birds appeared. Crested Titmouse…..
photo-1-10Even a young woodpecker…photo-1-11And one day I spotted the one bird I was hoping would turn have a special meaning to me…if you read the post
Peace Garden & Goodbyes, you would understand.
Although he didn’t come to the feeder that day, he was close enough for me to get a good shot of him.
A few days later, he brought his mate 🙂

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