Oh No!!! It’s the crazy bird lady!

We’ve all heard of the crazy cat woman….well keep those cats away, I’ve officially been dubbed, the crazy bird lady.
Me!! – the person who has the attention span of a gnat, and with who the word patient has never been used in a sentence along with their name, can now sit alone, and quiet, for hours in a little hunting blind, waiting to see what little birds show up at the feeders.
Who’d’ve thunk!!!
Not me that’s who!
In fact….if anyone had suggested such a thing a year ago, I’d’ve laughed….no, I think it would’ve been more literally ROTFL < seriously!
But now, here I am….*patiently* photographing birds.
Ok, in the case of the Bluejay I’m not so patient….he plays games with me…(another story)
But the other birds, I am patient with.
photo-1My hubby went shopping after work one evening and surprised me with this blind.
It was not the one we had originally decided on. I think he picked this for it’s name….
The Doghouse!

I’m sure he gets a kick out of telling people I’m ‘in the doghouse’ 😉

But whatever the reason, I love it!
Not too great on a rainy day, the water does seep in the zippers and where there is stitching (and theres a LOT of stitching) and drips on me…not too much, but it can be a little annoying. But I remain hidden from the birds, and the only time they have any idea that something is off, is when they hear the click of the shutter.
And that makes for some very strange looks!!
photo-1-2At least now, in the winter, when there are no flowers to photograph and the grandkiddos aren’t game for pics….I can go outside and photograph the birds.

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