Behind the scenes of a food blogger….

If you love food blogs and have a sweet tooth, chances are you’ve already discovered:
*Inside BruCrew Life*
And if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?…get over there right now and submerge yourself in delicious yumminess!!!
Not convinced yet?
Well let me tell you, I do not have a sweet tooth, but when this girl gets her bake on and supplies us with treats, even I find it hard to resist eating them all a few.

Icecream Cones

Jocelyn, the everything behind Inside BruCrew Life, recently agreed to let me photograph a  ‘behind the scenes’, as she was setting up a photoshoot of her latest creation.
Brownie Batter Coffee Ice-Cream! 

I have to admit, I never considered all the work that went into food blogging.
Not only do you have to create/make the product, but the photographing of the food isn’t just a case of dumping it in a bowl or on a plate, and snapping away with your camera, there’s the lighting, props, backdrops etc; to consider.
And that’s before you even get to the blogging part! Phew!!
Who knew?
I really have discovered a lot from watching Jocelyn work.

(I also discovered…. that her ice-cream is De-lish-ous!! 😉 )
And…before we left, she baked us some treats to take home… 🙂
Gooey Butterfinger Brownie Bars…YUM!!!
(although we had to share with the girls when we got home…so unfair!)

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Don’t go chasing Butterflies….

Julia Butterfly

Julia Heliconian

…when they are happy to just come to you!

I can’t begin to tell you just how frustrated I get when, no matter how big a zoom I have on my camera, that gorgeous butterfly that I just spotted in my garden decides it’s not going to be photographed, no matter what. I have literally chased them all over the place, until I finally give up, photographless.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to discover that the little zoo we visited, while on our recent trip, had a small butterfly garden. Small = no chasing!!

Although they didn’t have exotic butterflies, and I really didn’t care about that, they had butterflies! so I was more than happy!

And best of all…..they actually came to us.

One took such a liking to our granddaughter, it wouldn’t leave her even when she tried to shake it off.

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C M Ducks!!?

Last week hubs and I decided to take a road trip. So off we went to visit family in Indiana. Now me, the first place title holder for ‘world’s worst traveller’, was looking forward to actually being there, just not the getting there.



Fortunately, it wasn’t even half as bad as I had imagined. (That’s if we forget about the hysterics I had over traffic around Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, In) Even more fortunate, (excuse my grammar) was the great photo ops I had while we were there, grandchildren’s ball games, dance class, a visit to the local zoo and these ducks at the park.

Obviously used to people being around, they literally let me walk right up to them. It doesn’t get much better than that!

There were three or four Mallard ‘couples’ hanging out by the lake. I walked within a few feet of one couple before they got a little concerned about my presence. When the female stood up and looked at me, it was only then I realized she had babies. I felt pretty bad that I had disturbed her, but not too bad that I didn’t jump at the chance to photograph them. I took a few steps back, but she decided she wasn’t taking any chances, so off she, and they, went for a swim. I think she even gave me a little ‘wave’ goodbye 😉

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To Quote – Oscar Wilde & A Vintage Find!

Oscar Wilde quote

I’ve been on a bit of a vintage kick just recently.

It all started with the discovery of chalk paint!
I know, I’m a bit late in the game on that one, but at least I got there in the end.

I’m in love with the stuff.
I’m sure my hubs was happy I only got small pots to try out, or I swear I’d’ve painted everything in sight that first week.

But as usual (with me) one thing led to another and I was dreaming ‘all things vintage’.
Now as luck has it, it hasn’t cost hubby a dime. (minus paint)
I discovered lots of vintage items around our own home…in the basement and the garage.

The latest discovery happened a few days ago, after we purchased a few plants.
I hadn’t realized I’d chosen annuals, and that living in Pennsylvania, with harsh Winters and frosty Springs, meant these guys would spend most of the year indoors.
So I started searching for cute planters to put them in.

I mentioned to hubs that I would have to pick up a small watering can next time we were shopping.
‘We have a watering can’, he says.
We do???
And what does he dig out of his garage stash, but this awesome galvanized vintage watering can!
It made the PERFECT planter for the Spanish Heather I just got!
So ok yeah, we still need a watering can to use as a watering can, but that’s fine, we saved on a planter 😉

Vintage watering can-1
Spanish Heather Vintage planter

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To Quote – Emily Dickinson


Lily Of The Valley

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I finally decided to get a house plant. Seriously I had no plants whatsoever in my home. I just can’t seem to keep them alive. But after reading a post on Phalaenopsis Orchids, and how easy they are to take care of, I decided I was going to bite the bullet and buy one. And I’m sooo glad I did. I love this plant. So much, that I decided to share her with you all…

F-1-3 copy

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Tree stump 1tree stump

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