Hello Sunshine!!

And I’m not referring to the weather.
In fact it’s dreary, wet and cool here right now, and there’s no sun in the forecast for today, and not much for tomorrow either.


My reference is to our little ray of sunshine, our newest little 2 y/o granddaughter, who we finally got to meet for the first time, this month, and whom I’d like to share with you all now.

To say she is a sweetheart, is the understatement of the millennium.
She really, really is a sweet hearted child.

It’s hard to believe, with such a sunny disposition, that she spent the first year and a half of her life in a South American orphanage.
Our family has made their home there, and after visiting with the children at the local  orphanage and taking them toys that our other granddaughters had outgrown, they eventually decided to add another little girl to their family.
Unlike here in the US, you cannot choose which child to adopt, it’s actually severely frowned upon.
Our little sweetheart was chosen by the court judge.
I think they chose perfectly. But then, I may be a little biased. 🙂

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3 Responses to Hello Sunshine!!

  1. a sweet delight!!! Thanks for sharing her!


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